Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Intraluminal PA band - Surgically placed, Balloon dilatable.

Feasibility and related outcome of intraluminal pulmonary artery banding

Stany Sandrio et al. EJCTS 2015;48:470-480.

Pericardial patch with a fenestration is placed inside MPA. Needs cardiopulmonary bypass to perform this surgery.
Two types: One patch with a fenestration, or Two patches sewn together at the fenestration and then, sutured inside MPA to create an hour-glass appearance.

Balloon dilatation of this patch is possible.
Significant number of patients needed ECMO support after the procedure.
Total patients 32 in the study.

Trusler rule: JTCVS 1984;88(5 Pt 1): 645-53.